About Electrician In Broward County, we are “D” Electrician your one stop shop Electrical Contractor. Our team of electricians, derived and influence by our  unlimited master licensed electrician , with marine  and on land electrical experiences, Dauntless  grass root troubleshooting approach with a strong electronic  knowledge.

This makes us un-match electrical contracting company  problem solver for all electric repairs, new electrical installation and lighting systemsmaintenance and much more; which include security  solution, fire alarms and complete  home inspections. 

About Electrician In Broward County

About Electrician In Broward County

Serving South Florida  with over 26 years experience . D Electrician Technical Services Inc  is  cultivating  teams of answer guys, exceptional electricians for South Florida communities. Electrician in Broward County FL, Palm Beach and Dade County for all your wiring needs since 2001.

Commercial……Residential………Industrial Services

 Electrical Trouble Shooting Expert Emergency Electrical Services, Indoor and Outdoor Lighting Repair, Breaker Panel Repair and Upgrade, Security Camera Installation, Computer Cabling & Home Theater, Generator Installations, UPS, Surge Protection, Tenant Build Out 3 Phase Wiring, Motor Control, New Construction, Aluminium wire retrofit.

Electricity is an unknown agent only known by the effect it produce and the many ways in which it manifest itself. It is strongly recommended you hire  competent, experience and licensed electrical contractor